Many residents have asked us where they can place their ballots for the upcoming Presidential election taking place on Tuesday, November 3. We received information that official ballot boxes have been installed in various places in Delaware County.

Here is the website so you can check on the nearest location for yourself:

Every election day, the van shuttle takes residents to the local polling place for those that wish to vote in person. This year things will be a little different due to COVID. We are running the shuttle every 45 minutes, from the Princeton lobby, starting at 9 AM, with the last shuttle leaving Princeton at 4:15 PM. We are limiting the number of people on the van to 5 residents at a time in order to keep everyone spaced apart. You will be required to wear a mask during the entire ride as well.

The specific times for the shuttle are as follows:

9 AM 9:45 AM 10:30 AM 11:15 AM 12:30 PM 1:15 PM 2 PM 2:45 PM 3:30 PM and 4:15 PM


I am happy to report that after several hours of work again today, Verizon was finally able to repair the damaged phone line in the Princeton mail room (alarm system). This means that all phone lines are now working properly.

We thank you for your patience while Verizon worked to correct these issues.


Verizon was able to repair three of the four affected phone lines today. The office phone lines and the front door entry system lines were all repaired and are now working properly.

We thank the social committee volunteers who sat in the two main lobbies, providing access to visitors to the building at various times this past weekend.

Despite the phone line being out of service, emergency personnel are still able to access the building via a security code they are able to use at the panel. This system is in place in the event of an emergency so first responders can quickly gain entry, without a resident needing to answer a phone or in the event of a phone line problem.

The last remaining phone line problem has been escalated by Verizon, as they were unable to make the necessary repairs today.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Please check both mail rooms and package rooms for any packages you may be expecting. All areas are a little full right now with packages that have been there for a few days. Thank you!


Unfortunately, the phone line issues continue. This morning we came into the office, only to find that all the phones lines in the office are out of order.

We requested that the matter be expedited, since four (4) phone lines are now affected.

In the meantime, you can reach us via email or stop down the office.

One of the phone lines affected, is the front door entry system. Notices are being posted at each entry advising residents and visitors that the system is presently out of order. If you are expecting visitors, please advise them to contact you directly, as they won’t be able to use to the entry system to do so. THIS DOES NOT IMPACT THE KEY ENTRY SYSTEM.

Please know we are working with our vendor to address these issues as quickly as possible in order to reduce any inconvenience. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


We are experiencing issues with 2 lines that service the building. We are waiting for a service technician to come out and trouble shoot the problems so repairs can be made. “

One of the lines affected, is in the office. Undoubtedly, this could lead to busy signals if you are calling the office. We are doing our best to limit the time we are on the one functioning phone line but sometimes that is not possible.

The other affected phone line, is for the dialer to the alarm system. This system has a back-up line, so in the evident of an emergency, the system will function.

We appreciate your patience while we work to correct these issues. Any questions, please contact the Management Office.


We engaged the services of Advanced Pavement Group, to seal coat and re-stripe the Harvard and Yale parking lots. Weather permitting, the work is scheduled to take place the week of October 26. Once we have specific details for each parking lot, we will let you know.

While the work is taking place and the materials dry, the parking areas will be CLOSED to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Residents will need to move their car from the Harvard and Yale carports while the work is taking place. Any vehicle not moved from those areas by the designated time, will be towed at the owner’s expense.

We will keep you posted with specific dates and times later next week. We will be making arrangements with the borough, for residents to be able to park along Harvard Avenue. while the work is taking place.

We know parking will be tight while the work is taking place and urge everyone to be considerate of the fellow residents when parking in other parking lots on property.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Management Office at 610-544-6000