The pool company just informed us that the pool is back open for its’ regular operating hours. Thank you for patience and understanding in this matter. Have a lovely weekend.


As everyone is aware, the air quality in our region is in dangerous territory for all people, not just those with respiratory issues. It is being suggested that people remain indoors, limit outside activities, which is why the pool is closed and wear a good quality mask to reduce exposure. It is also being suggested that windows remain closed despite the cool, outdoor temperatures and to run the AC if possible.

The AC system in the building only operates above 65 degrees, so during the cooler, night time temperatures you should use fans until the chiller kicks on later in the day when the temperatures rise.

The air handler system operates under positive pressure. This means that the roof-top units bring in filtered, fresh air into the building, push it under your unit door and out through the bathroom exhaust fans. Keeping this system operational has served us well through COVID and will during this time as well. We ask that residents not block the air flow under their door and allow the system to work properly. Blocking the air flow leads to negative pressure in the hallways and this causes the air to be stagnant, creating more odors in the common hallways.

With everyone’s help, we will get through this latest issue. Thank you for your cooperation.

LOST CASH? – MAY 30 2023

A resident found cash in the building today….did you loose some? If so, please contact the office to identifying the amount and last known location so we can return it to its’ owner.


At present, the internet is down in the office and we can’t respond to emails. If you need to contact the office, please call us at 610-544-6000 or stop down.

Once we have it repaired, we will post another notice. Thank you for your understanding.