If you expecting a package, please check the Princeton mail room, as it is overflowing with packages. Some of the packages are rather large and have been here for a few days. Please pick them up as soon as possible, so residents can easily access the area. Thank you.


Unfortunately the van will not be in operation today, April 16 or Monday, April 19 due to staffing issues. The van should be back in service on Tuesday, April 20 at noon. If there are further issues, we will post a notice. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


The service elevator is stuck on the 5th floor. Kone determined that there is a bad coil in the main relay and ordered a new part. They hope to be able to receive and install quickly.

In the meantime, both elevators in the Harvard building and the passenger elevator in the Princeton building are functioning.


There is a delay in the start of the project and because of that, we are opening up some of the parking spaces until the project starts on Monday, March 22.

The parking spaces at the circle in the Harvard lot and the 3 spaces near the dumpster will be open until 7 am Monday, March 22, at which time we ask that you move your vehicle from those spaces so the contractor can begin the project.


The memo that went out on March 12, incorrectly stated which area of the parking lot would be closed. The notice read “No parking will be permitted in the spaces facing “Yale Avenue….” It should read “NO PARKING WILL BE PERMITTED IN THE SPACES FACING HARVARD AVE from the end of the railroad tie wall to the carports and the spaces around the circle planter…..

We do apologize for the any confusion this may have caused. Please note that cars should be removed from that area by 7 am on Wednesday, March 17.

Any questions, please contact the Management Office.