Our building

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Our condominium was preceded on its prominent site by the late Victorian Strath Haven Inn, built in 1893-94 by Swarthmore businessman and and real estate developer, Fredrick M. Simons. In addition to attracting possible homebuyers to the Borough, the Inn became a popular resort for Philadelphians seeking a respite from the city. For nearly 70 years the Inn was also a center for Swarthmore social events and celebrations.

After several changes in ownership, the Inn finally closed in 1960. (see Swarthmore Borough, by Susanna K. Morikawa and Patricia C. O’Donnell, Arcadia Publishing, 2009, pp. 112-3)

Two years later the Inn suffered a fire and was torn down and replaced in 1971 by the current building, then operated as the Wildman Arms Apartments, incorporating for a brief period a hotel and a restaurant. In 1981 the rental property was converted to condominium ownership and renamed the Strath Haven Condominium.