Condo living

Condominium Living

Owning a condominium in a high-rise building is at once like and different from living in a single family home. In addition to owning the residence within the walls of your unit, you also own a share, proportionate to the size of your unit, of the common areas of the condominium, the halls and elevators, the mechanical plant, the pool and the common rooms. The physical proximity of units to each other, furthermore, means that all residents share responsibility for the comfort, safety and security of their neighbors.

“Condominium” means “owning together,” and that “togetherness” is a significant condition of ownership; it permits, if you wish, the pleasures of participation in a community, but requires compliance with standards established by that community. Those standards are compiled in the Bylaws stated in the Declaration of Condominium, and in the Rules established by the Board of Managers, administered through the Rules Committee of the Board.