Unfortunately we received word today that the computer board is still on back order and is due in the last week of June. We spoke with the service manager from Kone and again expressed our frustration that we have an elevator out of service for weeks on end.  The manager stated that the board is heavily software driven and as with everything these days, COVID has caused delays in manufacturing and shipping.  He did state that AS SOON AS they receive the board, even if it’s 3 pm on a Friday, they will immediately come out to install it, at no additional costs to us.

We do apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.


MONDAY JUNE 22nd at 11:30am

Swim! Relax! Enjoy our beautiful setting!

Entry into the pool area will be limited to Pool Tag holders who have signed the COVID-19 Liability Waiver.

The complete 2020 Pool Rules & Regulations are posted in the Princeton Lobby, outside the Harvard Mail Room and on our website www.strathhavencondo.org.

If you have not yet applied for your Pool Tag please complete the application form, sign the COVID-19 Liability Waiver, which are available in the Harvard & Princeton Lobbies, and drop them in the mail room Suggestion Box by this Friday 6/19 at 4:00pm so you can be sure to enjoy our pool on opening day.

If you have already applied for your Pool Tag, you will be contacted individually regarding the Liability Waiver.

Pool Tags cannot be obtained at the pool.


We have just become aware of a Black Lives Matter peaceful protest event that will happen tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10 in the center of Swarthmore Borough near Borough Hall from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We wanted to advise all residents of this event in case you may have business to conduct in the borough. It is expected to be a very peaceful event but the area could be very crowded.

The van will still be going out for the morning shopping trip and will be using alternate routes to avoid the downtown area.


The other night, a Black Kia Sorento with New Jersey plates, parked in an area that was blocked off. We’ve ticketed the car and to date, no one has claimed the vehicle.

If own the vehicle or know who it belongs to, please have them contact the Management Office immediately.

This vehicle needs to be moved by Monday, June 8 at 8 am or it will be towed at the owner’s expense.


This afternoon, Kone received word that it would be approximately 10 or so days before they can get the necessary computer board completed for the elevator.

The board needs some specialized work to make it capiatable with our elevator.

The service manager knows how important it is to have the elevator back in service as soon as possible and they are expediting the process. He again offered his sincere apologies for this series of unfortunate events.

If the status changes, we will notify you immediately.

We thank you for your understanding and patience. In the meantime, both elevators in Princeton are working, along with the other elevator in Harvard.


Kone Elevator was out this morning to replace the board that creates an issue during power outages and surges. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the replacement board and now another one has to be order. This means that the elevator will be out of service until the board is received and installed.

Kone is expediting this matter for us and will have an update on delivery very soon.

They offer their apologies for this inconvenience, as do we. As soon as we have additional or new information on the status, we will let you know.


Unfortunately the delivery did not occur today due to the size of the truck bringing in the containers. They will try again on Tuesday, May 26. In the meantime, we’ve opened up the parking spaces for use over the weekend. We request that all 10 parking spaces in the Princeton parking lot, facing the meadow and closest to the dumpster need to be empty by 8 am Tuesday, May 26.  We will have a delivery of 2 large storage containers that will be placed in that area, so the area needs to be clear for the delivery.

UPDATE: The Dodge Durango was towed at 9 am this morning by Keyes Towing out of Media PA. Thankfully this was the only vehicle that needed to be towed.

The containers are arriving in advance of the convector delivery next week that will be used for the upcoming HVAC work this year.  The convectors were ordered months ago when we believed the project would be well underway by now. As you all know the project is on hold for the time being but the delivery of units is going forward.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this request.  Any questions, please contact the Management Office at 610-544-6000.


In checking the parking lot, we found a vehicle that has experienced tags. The vehicle does not have a Strath Haven sticker, so we have no idea who owns the vehicle, which is a Tan Dodge Durango with Delaware plates.

Since the vehicle has expired tags, it will be ticketed and then towed on Friday if no one claims it before then.

Please contact the Management Office is the vehicle belongs to you or someone you know so we can address this matter. Thank you.


It has been a very unusual few months weather-wise but fortunately it now appears that the warm weather may finally be here given the extended forecast.

With that in mind, the staff is preparing the air conditioning system for activation. There is still much to do; the rainy weather has hindered that process, as have the colder temperatures. 

In order to activate the air conditioning, the heating system must be off for at least 3 days.  Therefore, on Thursday, May 14 at 10 am, the heating system will be turned off in preparation of the air conditioning system being turned on Monday, May 18. 

Please understand that it is a balancing act when determining the needs of the whole community. We know that the temperatures over the next few days will still be cold at night and many will still require heat, while the temperatures this weekend will be on the warmer side and there are those that will want AC.  It was felt this was the most equitable solution. 

And remember that the Board of Managers approved the use of personal (in your unit) portable self-evaporating AC system for the shoulder season (when the heat is off, and the AC not yet turned on in the building).