All committee members and contact persons require approval of BOM President.


Chaired by the Treasurer, the Budget and Finance Committee recommends, sets, and advises financial policy applicable to the financial health and stability of the Association. It assists the Property Manager in compiling the annual operating and capital budgets for consideration by the Board. It also assists in selecting an auditor and monitoring the activities of the auditor in the preparation of the annual audit, in the management of banked and invested funds, and in the selection of insurers as required by our governing documents–all matters requiring final approval by the Board.

The Budget and Finance Committee considers the financing of contract or project proposals referred to it by various committees, such as Engineering, Indoor and Outdoor Common Areas and makes recommendations to the Board to authorize expenditures. It reviews monthly financial reports submitted by the Manager. With the Engineering Committee, the Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for recommending a supplier for periodical Capital Reserve Studies, and for evaluating the results of such studies and incorporating them into long-range planning.


The Election Committee publicizes, organizes and, with the Property Manager, administers the annual Election for the Board of Managers. This committee presides over the “Meet the Candidates Night.” It selects and oversees the panel of Association members charged with tallying the election ballots on the day of the Annual General Meeting and announcing the results at the Annual Meeting. The Elections Chair also opens the new BOM Executive Session and presides over the election of the new board president.


The Engineering Committee advises the Board on all matters concerning the physical plant and operations of the Association’s property. In this regard, the committee works with the Property Manager and the Chief Engineer, and reviews, for recommendation to the Budget and Finance Committee all proposals for repair, maintenance, modification to, replacement of, or addition to the fabric, infrastructure and operating equipment of the building and grounds, including the selection of consultants and contractors. The Budget and Finance Committee then evaluates the availability of funds for implementation of the Engineering Committee’s recommendations. With the Budget and Finance Committee the Engineering Committee is also responsible for recommending a supplier for periodical Capital Reserve Studies, and for evaluating the results of such studies and incorporating them into our long-range planning.


The Fire, Safety, and Security Committee advises the Board on measures to insure our condominium community is as safe and secure as possible. It organizes floor wardens to assist in the case of fire alarms, and helps organize liaison with the local Fire Department and other emergency responders.


The Rules Committee is chaired by a member of the Board, as required by Association Bylaws. Committee members must be voting members of the Association. The Committee reviews reported violations of the rules, and recommend to the Board any sanctions, fines or other actions with respect to such violations. It recommends to the Board any amendments, revisions, or additions to the Rules of the Association. It receives complaints from the Property Manager and conducts hearings for Strath Haven residents who may have committed infractions and recommends the imposition fines as required.


The Social Committee organizes parties and other events open to all residents for the pleasure of those residents and the enhancement of our sense of community. It organizes refreshments for such occasions as the annual “Meet the Candidates Night” preceding the annual elections for the Board of Managers. The Committee recommends annually to the Budget and Finance Committee the amount needed to fund social events and adheres to that budget.



Maintains the bulletin boards located in the Mail Rooms and the postings on them in accordance with rules governing such postings compiled in conjunction with the Rules Committee and approved by the Board of Managers.


Seasonally rotates the decorations and artwork in the elevator lobbies with the assistance of volunteers. As our decorative items become worn, makes recommendations to the Board for replacements.


Maintains the residents’ use of the hobby room to ensure compliance with the Hobby Room Rules & Responsibilities. Organizes an annual “Spring Cleaning” of abandoned projects, expired solvent/paints and non-functional tools.


Manages the circulation of books and other materials held in the Strath Haven free lending library. Organizes and shelves donated books with the assistance of volunteers. Manages the collection to keep it fresh and within the space available.


Visits all new residents to our community. Provides them with a packet of useful information about living at Strath Haven Condominiums. Explains the rationale/necessity of Rules & Regulations in our community. Encourages attendance at Board meetings and other Association functions.


Responsible for the composition of each issue. Sends newsletter to office secretary for final organizing. With the assistance of volunteers, duplicates and distributes the Newsletter.


Advises the Board on all matters relating to the landscaping and maintenance of the planted areas of the Association grounds. Consults with the Property Manager to recommend the selection of landscaping contractors and designers, and the selection and arrangement of plant materials. With the assistance of volunteers, supplements significantly the work of Association Staff and contractors by such activities as watering, planting and weeding as needed.


Compiles annual Resident Directory and a semi-annual update when needed. Submits to office secretary for duplicating and distributes with the assistance of volunteers.


The website contact person will coordinate with the Property Manager and will be responsible for the Strath Haven Condominium website. Duties include ensuring that content on the website is up to date, including pages, van schedules, newsletters, forms, PDF’s, and photos. This person can also post emergency alerts if needed. No website experience is necessary for this role; however, the person may advise the board on suggestions regarding the website such as design or structure.