We know it’s been a couple of weeks but all 4 elevators are now up and running! Kone was able to get Princeton back online this morning.

We thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked to resolve the issues.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe weekend. Remember to wear your mask anywhere on the common elements, and to follow the CDC guidelines for staying safe during this pandemic.


Kone was out yesterday in response to our call for the Princeton elevator. The elevator is out of service due to a leveling switch issue and new parts were ordered. We hope the parts are here by Wednesday, July 8. This means that the #3 Princeton passenger elevator is still out of service until later this week.

The good news is that Kone was able to get the #2 Harvard elevator back in service late this afternoon!

So we have 3 out of 4 elevators in service; 2 in Harvard and 1 in Princeton.

Thank you for your continued patience while we work to resolve these issues.


This afternoon #3 elevator went out of service and we immediately placed a service call. A mechanic from Kone will be out today to investigate the cause of the problem.

Hopefully they will be able to get the elevator up and running quickly. We do apologize for this inconvenience.


Unfortunately, there was an issue with the delivery company and Kone is unable to pick up the needed part that is sitting in the delivery company’s facility.

Another order was placed and it should be delivered early next week due to the long holiday weekend.

We just can’t seem to catch a break with this elevator. Some residents have asked if we can just replace the entire #2 elevator. Both elevators in Harvard communicate with each other. If you replace one, the other would need to be done as well so they could communicate effectively and the cost would be close to half a million dollars, which is just not in the budget at this time.

Once the elevator is up and running, Kone will have a regional inspector out to thoroughly go over it. The findings will then be reviewed by the Engineering Committee and the Board.

Stay safe and have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.


The service mechanic from Kone came out and determined that the relay boards for the elevator need to be replaced. It runs for a bit and then stops. Therefore, a decision was made to shut down the elevator until the new boards are installed.

We know this presents an inconvenience to residents and guests alike but we felt it in the best interest of the community to keep the elevator out of service until the new relay boards are installed. The boards were immediately ordered and hopefully they will be here before the weekend. If not, it will be next week. We hope the upcoming holiday does not interfere with the delivery.

In addition to the mechanic that was here today, Kone will be scheduling a regional inspector to go over the elevator from top to bottom, in an effort to determine the reasons why this one elevator continues to be plagued by unrelated issues.

We will continue to keep you updated on the issue as information and delivery dates of the parts becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding in this matter.


At 8:30 am this morning, I received a call from the elevator monitoring company, that there was unknown trouble with car #2. I directed them to dispatch a service mechanic to investigate the cause of the trouble.

Our staff found the elevator sitting on the 9th floor and posted signs to alert residents and guests that the elevator is out of service.

I do wish I had more information at this time but I am waiting on a call back from the service manager. I have strongly expressed the frustration of having this elevator out of service again.

Once the mechanic arrives and can determine the cause of the trouble signal, you will be updated.

We understand and share your frustration that this one elevator continues to be an issue and we are requesting further investigation from Kone to stop these ongoing issues. We will keep you posted. Thank you.


Today there was a large delivery of packages from various shipping companies and the packages are taking up quite a bit of space in the Princeton mail room.

If you are expecting a delivery, please check the Princeton mail room as many packages for residents in the Harvard building are sitting there waiting to be picked up.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this request.


As we and the world around us begin to venture out and more places re-open, we need to remember that many protocols are still in place for the health, safety, and welfare of all.

  • The Association is continuing with the nightly cleaning services provided by Eaddy Environmental Services. 
  • Faces masks are still required when using the common areas/hallways, elevators and now the pool area.
  • We should all continue to practice social distancing to continue with the flattening of the curve. This includes riding the elevators and use of the mail-rooms.
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations have been set up in the pool area
  • No decision has been made on the re-opening of the library, hobby shop or meeting room. We will continue to monitor the situation & discuss how best to safely open these areas in the coming weeks.
  • Effective Monday, June 29, we will return to full staff. The office will remain locked for the foreseeable future. However, you will be able to call the office and make an appointment to come down when we enter the green phase of Governor’s order. 
  • Also, effective Monday, June 29, we will no longer be assisting the Swarthmore Co-op with the food deliveries to our building. 
  • We are working on developing a more detailed schedule for the van and will post a specific schedule next week
  • Continue to take simple, preventive measures, as recommended by health officials.  For the most up-to-date information, please visit the CDC’s website or Pennsylvania’s website for information specific to our state;