Today, Verizon was able to repair most of the phone lines that were affected by the issue with their main underground cable. The office and front door entry system are both back online.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while the repairs were being made.


Unfortunately the phone line for the front door entry system is now out of order. You will not be able to buzz anyone into the building using that system. Visitors will need to call you directly and you will have to come down and let them into the building.

Notices will be posted directly on each entry system, alerting visitors to the issue with the system and advising them to call residents directly.

We have alerted VERIZON to the problem with the phone line and requested that the matter be expedited. However, since is it a main cable line issue it is not an easy repair and it will take some time.


We just heard from Verizon and it appears an underground cable failed and has affected many lines throughout Swarthmore, not just our office. They are working to correct the issue but it could be longer to repair than we originally hoped.


Unfortunately we are having issues with a few phone lines, including the main office line. Verizon was made aware of issue on Saturday afternoon and is scheduled to come out today.

Currently the answering service is taking calls for the office since the main phone line out of service. The office is open, we just can’t receive phone calls at this time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to have the issue resolved shortly.


The work on the hot water system is now complete and the system activated. There could be some residual sediment that comes out when you first turn on your faucets, which is to be expected.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation while this important projected was completed. If you should have any questions, please contact the Management Office at 610-544-6000.


Earlier today, I was notified by Ron’s family of his passing this morning.  Ron was diagnosed with cancer in August 2020 and began treatments in late September.  The treatments were extremely hard and did not provide the results they hoped for, so treatments stopped late last year. 

Ron was a delightful, wise cracking employee for 14 years before his retirement.  He started out as a maintenance mechanic and then switched to security in his later years.  In between he would drive the van when the need arose.  Ron was caring, conscientious and friendly.  He loved to fish, crack jokes, and spend time with his family. 

We are grateful that we were able to have a modified retirement party for him in September.  He loved seeing everyone and appreciated all the kindness shown to him over the years. 

He will be missed by many.  Services are private.