The Association currently has 3 storage lockers available for rent. If you are interested in renting a locker, please contact Linda in the Management Office for pricing, either via phone or email. The office number is 610-544-6000 or


Swarthmore Borough Police DepartmentLocal AgencyChief of Police Raymond Stufflet10 hr ago

Burglary/Theft. Residents should be aware of several incidents that took place over the July 22nd weekend. Since Friday, there have been four cars stolen and three home burglaries. All incidents took place in Walnut, Cedar, Ogden, and Elm Ave section of the borough, primarily at night. Residents are asked to keep their car doors locked, keys inside their homes, and to not leave anything valuable inside their cars. Likewise, please make sure your residential doors and doors to detached garages are secured, even during the day. Anyone with information regarding these incidents, please contact the Swarthmore Police Dept. At 610 543 0123


Late yesterday, Trust Mechanical was able bypass the VFD and get the unit operating. We are still waiting on the part to get full operation out of the unit but the part will not be here until mid to late August.

We are grateful that we have unit back in operation until the necessary parts are received.


The crews worked tirelessly to get the lines cleared and they succeeded. We can’t thank them enough for all their efforts.

The water is now back on in the Harvard and Yale buildings. This means you can get a drink of water, take a bath/shower or water your plants. This also means you can flush your toilets but we ask that you not flush any type of wipes down the toilet, as that is what clogged the sewer line. We know the manufacturer materials states they are flushable but that is for a single family home, not a multi story building where many individuals are flushing wipes down the sewer line. Just imagine if you decided to flush a whole carton of wipes at once, you know that would create an issue. Well, that is what happens when several households flush the wipes over the course of a day.

This issue caused 12 hours of inconvenience to hundreds of residents today and the expense to address the problem will be great.

The company’s that assisted us today were Super Plumbing and Precision Sewer Services. Their hard work and determination to get service restored was immeasurable. Liberty Mechanical and DWD Mechanical also lent assistance in making sure we had the right crew for the job and for that we thank them.

Our staff worked tirelessly, as they knew the impact this had on so many residents, we thank them for their hard and for staying until the job was done.

Not all residents signed up to receive an email blast, some because they don’t have email. So if you know a resident who doesn’t get an email blast, please reach out to them and let them know the matter has been resolved. A notice will be publicly posted at each elevator lobby area as well.

Thank you and good night.


A second company needed to come out and work on the problem. For the last several hours they have worked to clear the line while an emergency restoration company performs the clean up.

In the meantime, the water is still turned off to the Harvard and Yale buildings until the matter is resolved. Unfortunately, we do not have a timeframe as to when that might be.

We continue to ask for your patience and cooperation. Please refrain from putting anything down the drains in the Harvard and Yale buildings until the repair work is completed. The line is open and any liquid or other materials going down a drain will only complicate the issue further.

The bathrooms in the Princeton main lobby are not affected by this issue and can be used.


Due to a sewer line issue, we had no choice but to shut the water off to the Harvard and Yale buildings only. This will not affect the lines in the Princeton building.

We’ve been working with several contractors to address this issue and are waiting on a commercial service company to come out clear the main sewer line.

We understand that this is major inconvenience and offer our apologizes. Please know that we have been and will continue to work on this matter until it is resolved.


Someone decided to trash one of our fire extinguisher for no reason. This is vandalism and a serious safety issue. Thankfully we found the extinguisher in the trash can but now the staff has to spend time walking the hallways to determine where it belongs so it can be reinstalled.

We understand that having the extinguishers sitting on the walls, outside of the fire extinguisher boxes is not the best look but the boxes themselves are in the process of being recoated, improving the overall look for the hallways when the renovation project is complete.

The long term goal is worth the short term inconvenience. We appreciate your understanding and request that if you see someone messing with the extinguishers to immediately report it to the office. Thank you.