We wanted to provide an update on a few matters listed below:

HARVARD #2 ELEVATOR: The necessary part was ordered last week and we were advised that the delivery time frame is 3 to 6 weeks.

BUILDING HVAC: The heat was turned off today and we are working on getting the cooling system operational. A leak was detected and must be addressed; the new pump for the cooling tower must be activated once the leak is repaired; and other items are being addressed in advance of activating the chiller in the next few weeks.

PRINCETON LOBBY CEILING DEMO: Cumby completed the demolition of the ceiling and is now bringing in various contractors to obtain quotes for the needed work in the ceiling area. The new ceiling will not be installed for several weeks.

RENO PROJECT: The long awaited drum lights were not manufactured according to specifications and will need to be redone, so they will not be installed as per the schedule, until we receive the correct lights.

NEW FURNITURE HARVARD ELEVATOR LOBBY: There are a few issues with the new chairs and the manufacturer is working to address it. The repair work can be do onsite in the coming weeks.

5TH FLOOR SERVICE ENTRANCE DEMO: Eaddy Environmental continues to work at the 5th floor service entrance. The 5th floor elevator area remains completely closed while the work takes place. As the work progress, the service entrance itself will also be closed while the work is taking place. The demo work will be completed by April 14. In the meantime, please avoid using that area.

We appreciate all your patience with these various undertakings.