Today we received new furniture for the elevator lobbies on floors 12 through 8! The furniture was placed placed in the proper location, with the exception of the 9th and 8th floors. We placed 2 extra chairs in the 9th floor elevator lobby that are designated for the 8th floor. Once the repainting of the 8th floor is completed, the chairs, table and bench will be installed on the 8th floor.

We are aware that the chairs on the 9th and 8th floors are not correct (wrong fabric) and FBI is reaching out to the manufacturer in order to determine what happened. We do know that the manufacturer will make it right and in the meantime, there is new furniture that looks much better than the old ones.

We have taken some of the old chairs and placed them in the Princeton and Harvard lobbies, as they are an improvement over the chairs that were in place.

We are working on reviewing the old furniture to determine if it can be sold and if it can, a date will be selected for a YARD SALE.

Thanks for your continued patience and understanding as we work through this long project.