Every resident will be receiving a detailed notice on the upcoming exhaust vent cleaning project. This notice is an abbreviated version of that notice so residents can quickly refer to the upcoming schedule.

We have contracted with Advanced Air Service Group to clean all the kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans/ducts in each unit.  The project will begin on Monday, October 10 and end on Thursday, November 3.  To keep the cleaning process systematic and as undisruptive as possible, it was decided that each building will be serviced separately (1ST: HARVARD, 2nd: YALE AND 3rd PRINCETON).

Cleaning process: Advanced Air Service Group (AASG) will enter every condo in the building being serviced. Removable tape will be placed over exhaust register/fan. The purpose of the tape is to make sure no dirt or debris blows back into any space during the cleaning of the vertical risers. Proceed to roof and set up to clean risers and rooftop fans. Once rooftop work is completed, the technicians will once again enter the condo in accordance with schedule. Once inside, the tape over registers will get removed. The wall/ceiling mounted exhaust will be unplugged and carefully taken apart and cleaned. Our technicians will make sure fans are fully operational prior to their removal. If any inoperable fans are discovered, management will be notified. The registers and short section of ductwork (‘run-outs’) from the vent opening to the vertical riser will be cleaned. After registers and fans have been cleaned, they will be re-installed.

Although all precautions will be taken, damage to paint, plaster, and wallpaper may be unavoidable. AASG will not be responsible for minor chipping and peeling around registers. Precautions will also be taken to protect counters, flooring and furnishings. All detergents used during the cleaning process are non-toxic and biodegradable.

In preparation for the start of the project, it will be necessary for the Advanced Air technicians to enter each unit to place tape over all vents. To accomplish this task, we MUST have access to your unit on the scheduled day. Please make sure that there is either someone home on that day or the Management Office has a key to your unit. This prep work will prevent the possibility of any dirt or debris from blowing back into the unit while the vertical risers are being cleaned.  On the day that your unit is scheduled for cleaning, the tape will be removed. Until that time, we ask that you please leave the tape undisturbed.

If there is inclement weather, the work will take place on the next scheduled business day.

Here is the schedule, subject to change due to inclement weather:

Monday, October 10; residents in 22 and 23 risers

Tuesday, October 11; residents in 21 and 24 risers

Wednesday, October 12; residents in 20 and 25 risers

Thursday, October 13; residents in 18 and 19 risers

Friday, October 14; residents in 26 riser

Monday, October 17; residents in 17 and 27 risers

Tuesday, October 18; residents in 16 and 28 risers

Wednesday, October 19; residents in 15 and 29 risers

Thursday, October 20; residents in 14 and 30 risers

Friday, October 21; residents in the 5 riser

Monday, October 24; residents in the 6 riser

Tuesday, October 25; residents in the 7 riser

Wednesday, October 26; residents in the 8 riser

Thursday, October 27; residents in the 9 riser

Friday, October 28; residents in the 10 riser

Monday, October 31; residents in the 11 riser

Tuesday, November 1; residents in the 12 riser

Wednesday, November 2 and 3; residents in the hotel riser; floors 8 through 12 on November 2 and ground floor to 7 floor on November 2 and 3