At approximately 6 pm this evening, a report of a fire in the trash dumpster was received. Security acted and called 911 immediately. They also attempted to put out the fire but due to the intensity of the fire, they were unsuccessful. The fire department arrived and was able to contain the fire to just the trash dumpster.

The fire department quickly extinguished the flames, checked the surrounding dumpster and found no issues. We are thankful that no one was injured and the fire was contained quickly.

The assistant fire chief was unable to determine the exact cause of the fire but they believe a large bag of shredded paper caught fire, engulfing other materials in the container.

In the meantime, the area is closed off until a replacement dumpster can be secured. Please take your trash to the Harvard trash dumpster.

Please note that there will be some lingering fire odors in the area and air of community.

We ask that residents be careful when disposing of all materials, including cigarettes etc.

We are grateful for John McDermott’s quick actions in attempting to put out the fire and minimize potential damage.