At approximately 8:30 am today, the fire alarm sounded and the fire department was dispatched. They found some smoke in the Princeton rooftop, elevator mechanical room. It was quickly determined there was no fire and the fire department gave the all clear sign and restored service back to the building, leaving one elevator out of service.

There was an issue with the Princeton passenger elevators and Kone was quickly called out for service. They arrived shortly after the call was placed and found that a brake was dragging on the one elevator. This is what caused some smoke to trigger the fire alarm. Adjustments were made to the equipment and all elevators are now back in service.

We are grateful for the immediate response from the local fire and police departments. Their quick assessment of the situation allowed residents to return to their units in reasonable time.

Please remember that when the fire alarm sounds, it is important for your safety to evacuate the building if you can safely do so. Thanks to the residents who waited patiently for the “all clear” sign from the fire department and to the staff for keeping everyone informed of the situation and assisting the fire department.