The staff finished cleaning out the bike room today and in doing so, found a few higher end bikes that do not have stickers anywhere on the bike. The bikes are still in the bike room, and marked with yellow caution tape so they can easily be seen.

We ask that residents check the bike room to see if the bike might belong to you. It is possible that a sticker fell off without your knowledge. We do not want to donate any bikes that actually belong to someone.

Any remaining bikes that are without stickers by Friday, August 27, will be donated to a charity.

We also found bikes that are clearly not being used and haven’t in some time. We ask that residents remove unused bikes from the bike room at your earliest convenience so your neighbors may have a chance to put their bike in the storage room.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation in this matter. Any questions, please contact the Management Office at 610-544-6000.