Happy Monday everyone! Many new residents moved into the community this year and even residents who moved in last year may not be aware of our snow procedures since we really did not have much measurable snow last winter. We wanted to inform/remind everyone of what occurs when it snows at Strath Haven.

In advance of a snow storm, our staff will block off parking spaces in the parking lots. This provides a place for the snow removal contractor to plow the snow. Please do not move any barricade, it is there for a reason.

PRETREATING/SALTING: The contractor will come out ahead of the storm and pre-treat the parking lots and possibly the sidewalks with a brining solution. During the course of an event, the contractor will salt the parking lots as needed. After the event is over and the sidewalks are shoveled, the contractor will apply salt.

PLEASE NOTE that our staff has placed large orange buckets containing salt, in each of the entrances. You may use this if you need any around your vehicle. The contractor can not salt between cars.

PLOWING: The contractor will be out throughout the storm if it’s a sizeable one, plowing the parking lots. They are even here in the middle of the night. The trucks are equipped with a back up sensor and with the close quarters in many of our parking lots, the trucks have to back up to be able to maneuver. The trucks are also equipped with flashing lights, so they are visible at all times.

Please understand that the contractor does not “plow cars in” as some contend. The plow trucks can only get so close to vehicles without causing damage. Therefore the snow around your vehicle is the vehicle owner’s responsibility. When clearing the snow off and away from your vehicle, please do not throw it back into the drive path of the parking lot.

Once the event is over, there are times we have contractor come out and plow parking spaces as residents move their vehicles. This will assist us in keeping the parking lots as clear as possible.

It is not possible to remove every bit of snow/ice from the property. It is important that residents exercise caution when out and about in the parking lots and sidewalks as snow from a previous event can and will refreeze once the temperatures dip down. If you seen any areas of concern, promptly contact the Management Office so it can be addressed.

The Board of Managers has adopted a snow policy for the van, which is listed on our website. For easy reference, here is the link:

Happy holidays to all, be safe and enjoy the beautiful surroundings when the snow arrives. Send us any pictures you take and maybe we will post them!