It was a very productive Board of Managers meeting last night. Many thanks to those that attended the virtual meeting.

For those not in attendance, please know that the Board considered the input from residents and voted to return the shopping carts to their designated areas for use by residents. Please note that the carts will not be cleaned by staff, each resident is responsible to disinfect the cart. Remember that carts are to be returned after use and not to be taken through the main lobbies.

The Board also considered the request of several resident’s to open up the pool area so residents could gather via social distancing. The Board agreed with this request and effective immediately the pool deck only (no swimming) is available for those that wish to sit and chat with their neighbors. Details are attached to this notice on the pool opening.

The Board voted to open the library in the coming weeks and Helene VanHoeven will be preparing information on the opening.

The other common areas, such as the hobby shop and meeting room remain closed for now. The Board will reconsider this matter at the October ZOOM Board meeting.

In the meantime, we hope everyone contains to follow the CDC’s guidelines and wears a mask while out in the common areas.