It has been a very unusual few months weather-wise but fortunately it now appears that the warm weather may finally be here given the extended forecast.

With that in mind, the staff is preparing the air conditioning system for activation. There is still much to do; the rainy weather has hindered that process, as have the colder temperatures. 

In order to activate the air conditioning, the heating system must be off for at least 3 days.  Therefore, on Thursday, May 14 at 10 am, the heating system will be turned off in preparation of the air conditioning system being turned on Monday, May 18. 

Please understand that it is a balancing act when determining the needs of the whole community. We know that the temperatures over the next few days will still be cold at night and many will still require heat, while the temperatures this weekend will be on the warmer side and there are those that will want AC.  It was felt this was the most equitable solution. 

And remember that the Board of Managers approved the use of personal (in your unit) portable self-evaporating AC system for the shoulder season (when the heat is off, and the AC not yet turned on in the building).