Yesterday, the Board of Managers met with Management to discuss policy and procedural changes during the unprecedented COVID-19 situation.  This is now in-line with the directive that Governor Wolf issued yesterday evening.  We are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the well-being of our residents and employees.

Effective, Monday, March 23, there will be a change in daily operations.  The office hours will be 9 am to 4:30 pm.  We will have limited staff during business hours.  Half the staff working 2 weeks, rotating out with the other half after 2 weeks until further notice.  This will help to ensure we can continue to provide necessary services to the community, while doing our part to “flatten the curve”.  Please note that the March newsletter will be digital ONLY. 

The Management Office door will continue to remain locked, housekeeping services will be limited to focus our efforts on disinfecting and in-unit maintenance will be limited to EMERGENCIES ONLY.  Security will be onsite, but changes are in place for them as well. The van will be in operation but will only run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, starting at 7 AM to Acme for those that wish to shop during senior hours.  At 9:30 AM, the van will then run to the drugstore or another grocery store if need be.  The driver will continue to provide disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer to residents prior to entering the van.  We will continue to work with the Co-op to get groceries delivered to residents on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lisa D’Antonio has asked seniors to give her 24-hour notice if you wish to have her pick something up on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. 

For the health and safety of residents, shopping carts will no longer be available effective immediately and until further notice.  Residents will only be permitted to schedule use of the elevators for emergency deliveries.  Routine deliveries and non-essential renovation services will not be permitted.

The amenity spaces continue to remain closed.  The post office continues to recommend 1 person at a time in the mailroom. The mailrooms will be closed for cleaning from 11 pm to 8 am as per the USPS notice.

We understand that these changes may increase the already stressful times everyone is facing, however our commitment to you is we will do our very best to provide daily service.  Thank you in advance for your compliance with the changes.  Any questions, please contact the Management Office at 610-544-6000 or