The technician was out this morning and found the problem with the elevator and made the necessary repairs. The unfortunate part of this, is the cost to the Association of about $1,000 for the unnecessary service call. The cause of the issue is directly related to someone blocking or holding the elevator door open for an extended period of time. This caused the elevator to lock out, hence the need for a service call. This is the 2nd time in less than a month that this has happened, resulting in a $2,000, unexpected and most importantly, unnecessary service call.

Please help reduce unnecessary expenditures and keep the costs of running the Association (your home), within budget.

Between the vandalism of parking signs on Harvard and just these two services calls, it has netted close to $3,000 in unbudgeted expenses. Management and the Board work hard to keep expenses down and budget increases to a minimum but if these types of events continue, it could result in an increase to the operating budget, which affects each and every owner and resident.

We appreciate your consideration of these matters and please remember to not block any elevator door for longer than a few seconds. Thank you.