The Board of Managers has nine members elected to three-year terms by the annual vote of all members of the Association. Normally three members are elected each year, and by common agreement, no Board member can serve for more than two terms before spending at least one full year off the Board.

The Board elects annually a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. Major Committees of the Board are the Budget and Finance Committee, chaired by the Treasurer, the Engineering Committee, the Rules Committee, the Indoor Common Areas Committee, the Outdoor Common Areas Committee and the Social Committee.


For 2013-2014, the members of the Board are:

Sitting L to R

Eve Mountford
Allen Becton - Treasurer
Helen Finnegan - Secretary
Peg Christensen - President
Devin Zuczek

Standing L to R

Tom Monari
Roy Brandow - Vice President
Tom Blackburn
Ralph Day



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